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Yemen 21 Forum
Helping Yemen move into the 21st Century

Yemen 21 Forum is a Yemeni civil society organization with headquarters in Sana'a operating since 2006. It was first established in 1998 by the Founder of Yemen Times establishment Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Sakkaf as Yemen's first Think Tank and a deliberate effort to serve as a catalyst in mobilizing local input in support of the democratic process of Yemen. Due to the demise of its founder, the NGO's work was stopped until it was re-commenced by his daughter Nadia Al-Sakkaf, the current director of the forum.

Y21F's vision is:
"To help Yemen move into the 21st Century."
To do that, the country has to be confident in itself and aware and respectful of its past first and future destiny. We do this through instilling the world's values among the Yemeni people. These include respect for human rights, press freedom, tolerance, equal citizenship, good governance, liberal economics, a better awareness and appreciation of other peoples and nations and the ability to constructively interact with them.

The forum's mission statement is:
"To create locally driven projects, solutions and initiatives that contribute to the development of Yemen as a nation and people with special focus on human rights, press freedom, gender equality, good governance and youth empowerment."Â

Y21F has ample experience in the various projects with a 100% success rate with various donors and local counterparts.

Yemen 21 Century Forum has a vast network of researchers, experts, consultants and volunteers who support it throughout its work. It also has worked with several community based organizations in various governorates as well as authority institutions such as ministries and government agencies.

Moreover, the organization has strong connections with media agencies and a long history of media capabilities such as campaigning, training, networking etc.

Organizational management capacity:
Y21F is a gender balanced, flat structured NGO with a friendly informal organizational culture that promotes creativity, individuality, deliverance and excellence. It encourages social responsibility and ethical practices within and outside the organization. Our core values are:
- Integrity, credibility and transparency
- Commitment to the best interests of the community
- Excellence and Professionalism
Y21F has full time staff as well as part time on its payroll and has delivered previous projects according to budgets at a satisfactory level of partners whether on the performance or the contractual levels.

Lead by a woman director, the organization has ten fixed staff as follows:
Director - Executive Manager - Projects Officer - Projects Coordinator - Administrative Assistant - Intern - Public Relations and Follow-up Officer - Financial Manager - Accountant - Security Personnel
It has project based staff according to existing programs and activities. It also provides regular internships to aspiring youth.

Yemen 21 Forum is licensed with the Ministry of Social Affairs under the Department of Civil Society and Unions permit number 152/2006. It abides by NGO laws of Republic of Yemen.

It uses a standard accounting system "YemenSoft"Â and has regulations for acquiring services such as tariffs and quotations. We also have an internal regulations guide for the document flow between departments. This guide regulars spending and creates a solid proof accountability system. The financial system has certain forms for payment orders, budget item analysis, project closure, etc. Y21F is audited annually by an external auditing firm which is Talal Abu Ghazala's agent in Yemen.

Examples of previous projects:

Women Empowerment
Women Leaders Program: 2013-2014
In coordination with FES and Dutch Embassy
This project aims at increasing the visibility of Yemeni women as leaders and making their voice, in particular those in governorates other than the capital, heard in the decision making process in Yemen and in Yemen's process of transformation for transition to democracy.

The first phase was with FES during which a website was established to host profiles of 200 women leaders from Sana'a. The second phase was to identify 100 Yemeni women leaders of all disciplines from each of the following five governorates: Aden, Hadramout, Taiz, Hodidah and Ibb resulting a total of 500 profiles.
The women's profiles will be recommended by individuals and institutions in the community. After they are approved by the selection committee according to a certain list of criteria
The completed profiles are translated into Arabic and then categorized and updated in an existing website for Yemeni women leaders:

Women in Politics Empowerment Project: 2011-2012
In coordination with UNDP-EC
The objective of this activity was to empower women who are in or interested in politics in one of two ways: direct capacity building through training of women on how to conduct public activities and promote their political image, and the other is through awareness sessions with media and other stakeholders to recognize and accept women as an active member of public and political life.
The most significant achievement of this project, aside from the direct capacity building of around 60 politically active Yemeni women from around the country, is the creation of a political empowerment manual "LEAD"Â which is the first customized reference publication aiming to support Yemeni women in their political aspirations.

Breaking the Stereotype: Women in Elections Research
In coordination with Yemen Times and FES -2008

A bilingual book including around 30 stories women's participation in elections. This is the first analysis of Yemeni women who had gone through the experience of being candidates in local council and parliamentarian elections since 1993 until 2006.

Media Support
Media Campaigning and public opinion creation skills for journalists
In coordination with IMS: 2013-2014
Training for 12 journalists from various media around the country on media campaigns followed by a public media campaign on the National Dialogue results which is the "case study" of this project.

The National Dialogue Campaign is the implementation of the theoretical training the trainees received on media campaigning and public opinion creation.

Presidential Elections Media Center
In coordination with IFES: 2012
Early Presidential Elections Media Center. This was managed entirely by Y21F for around five weeks and provided extensive informational services to around 500 local and international journalists, observers and SCER guests. Key events at the center will include SCER press conferences, voter education events, updates on the progress of the elections on Election Day and preliminary announcements and display of election results.
Y21F supported IFES and Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum staff by managing the center including managing the information dissemination to the press through use of mailing lists to send out updates through SMS messages and emails.
The forum support also included addressing international journalists' needs at the center and assist in organizing MC's venue for all schedule events.

Gender Sensitive Political Report Training
In coordination with UNDP-EC: 2012
The project included a training course for 30 Yemeni journalists to sensitize them towards women's political role. The journalists chosen were men, since most political coverage is done by men in Yemen. They came from around the country and included, print, radio, online and TV reporters. From the training a tips on gender balanced political reporting was created and made available to the media community and others.

Community Media
Radio Yemen Times: 2012
In coordination with Yemen Times newspaper and Open Society Foundation
The first community radio in Yemen established first online for six month and then went live on FM 88.8 in August 2012. It is Yemen's broadcast media most successful story until now with more than 12 original programs aiming at community empowerment and providing access to decision makers.

It also provided training to more than 20 young Yemeni journalists in professional radio skills in coordination with DW. Technical support and equipment was also supported by International Media Support and for the sustainability of the radio Aswatuna Network of Community Radios which is supported by Sida supported Radio Yemen Times.

The Third Regional Community Media Conference
In coordination with CMN and CMS
Aswatuna is a regional network and program of support to promote media pluralism and civil society voices across the Arab world. Aswatuna 2014 is the 3rd regional conference of the network. Y21F is co-organizing this conference which is the first regional media conference hosted in Yemen in recent history. It will host more than 150 journalists from around the region and beyond.
Preparatory events for this conference have been carried out since 2013 such as consultation meetings with stakeholders in Yemen in cooperation with Aswatuna.
The aim of the conference is to enable community media activists and stakeholders to share information, hear success stories from across the region, engage in policy dialogue and participate in practical workshops to gain skills and understanding.

Need for Community Radios in Yemen: Field Study
In coordination with Community Media Solutions: 2013
A study in five governorates on the interest and feasibilities of creating community radios was conducted in Sana'a, Ibb, Taiz, Aden and Hodeida. Stake holders were interviewed as well as focus group discussions were carried out. Technical, logistical, legal, security and people interest were researched.

Civil Society and Community Advancement
Three week summer camp for Children in Conflict zones
In coordination with UNICEF: 2011
The project was carried out with the Yemeni Youth for Humanitarian Relief, a youth initiative, and the Ministry of Education's summer education department.
It aimed to create safe friendly spaces for children in Al-Hasaba area who were affected by the conflict and to prepare them for school.
A side objective of this activity was to encourage community engagement especially the parents of the children in their children's well-being and to empower the local youth and make them more productive and responsible in their community.
The community was very engaged and cooperating. Although there were some risks as there were fears of the clashes returning but they did not affect the operations of the activities. At the end of the program all the children received encouragement gifts which left a good impression among the locals and allowed the children to let go of their fears and apprehension regarding life and getting back to school.

Clean Water provision to community in conflict areas
In coordination with OXFAM-GB Yemen: 2011
The project was carried out with the Yemeni Youth for Humanitarian Relief, a youth initiative provided more than 890 vulnerable families in conflict zones of Al-Hasaba and Sa'wan areas with water supply of 15 liters per day for the four months.
Because of being a conflict zone, the community was cut off the national water grid water supply and had no access to clean water.
Moreover, because some of the poor families in Al-Hasaba did not have tanks or their tanks were broken and after agreeing with Oxfam, nine families were provided with tanks of 1000 liters capacity.

Youth Economic Empowerment
Youth Economic Empowerment Radio Program
In coordination with Radio Yemen Times and UNDP: 2013-2014
A radio program broadcasted in Radio Yemen Times to provide Yemeni youth, males and females, with inspiration and practical help for economic empowerment through regular interactive radio sessions.

Also listeners of both the radio and its website availed various alternatives for economic empowerment by themes (how to save, how to take up a loan, how to start-up your business).
It also inspired them through presenting realistic solutions and success stories (examples of successful micro-and small businesses: entrepreneurs share their stories, reporters collect stories from the field)

Awareness and Public Campaigns
Gulf Council Countries Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism campaign
In coordination with IOM: 2012-2013
The aim of the project is to educate the public in four governorates about the GCC initaitive and its implmenting mechanims. A popular version of the mechanism was created and five thousand copies of it were printed and distributed in Sana'a, Ibb, Taiz, and Al-Hodeida.
The campaign included printing 1000 posters on the initiative and more than 100,000 leaflets distributed in the various public assembly locations such as universities, cafes and market areas.
It also included guest speakers from the Technical Committee for Preparation for the National Dialogue to speak in five venues in the target governorates about the initiative, its implementing mechanism and political transition. More than 1000 participants attended these events collectively.

HIV/AIDs Media Awareness Event
In coordination with UNAIDS: 2012
A consultation meeting with 25 media professionals from various mediums where they talked about the UNAIDs country strategy and the report on Yemen. The consultation meeting targeted number of media managers and specialists to draw the attention of media's role in achieving the national target political declaration targets and commitments on HIV/AIDS. And to derive their commitments to support Yemen's achievement of these objectives.

Article 19 Radio Show
In coordination Radio Yemen Times and GIZ: 2012-2013
This is a community radio program about freedom of expression and opinion based on articles 19 of the Universal Deceleration of Human Right and the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights. Hence, the name of the session "Article 19."

Human Rights Day
In coordination with Yemen Times: 2006
Marking World Human Rights Day, the forum organized a seminar on freedoms for all. This seminar aimed at educating media and activists about various aspects of human rights and we had five themes: Rights of Children, Rights of Refugees, Human Rights in Times of Conflict and Women's Rights. We discussed them within the international context and local laws.

Early projects of the NGO included one of the first seminars on decentralization in 1998 in coordination with Fredrich Ebert Stiftung. In 1999 the forum conducted a series of workshops on human rights for civil society organizations. In the same year Y21F held one of the first events on Yemen joining the World Trade Organization in coordination with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce. | Yemen 21 Forum | Hadda Road, Sana'a, Yemen, 16139
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